29-31 May 2013, Delft, The Netherlands

CD Symposium
Developing Capacity from Rio to Reality: Who's Taking the Lead?

Challenges and Responses for Water Education in a Changing Environment

The world is changing quickly and societies are faced with increasing risks for water security and environmental integrity as well as socio-economic challenges. Key issues include the impacts of population pressure, urbanization, land use changes, climate change, globalization, trade etc.

In particular the developing countries and countries in transition will suffer from the effects of global and regional changes, since their capacity to deal with the challenges is often the weakest. This session will discuss these key challenges as well as possible responses and solutions for water education and capacity development in a changing environment. After a few solicited presentations, an interactive discussion with the audience will follow.

Convening organisations
CapNet UNDP & IHE Delft

Kees Leendertse (Cap-Net UNDP) & Stefan Uhlenbrook (IHE Delft)