29-31 May 2013, Delft, The Netherlands

CD Symposium
Developing Capacity from Rio to Reality: Who's Taking the Lead?

Innovative Approaches in Water Education

The session focuses on how capacity building frameworks contribute to solving the lack of skills in the water sector for the implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and how these learning frameworks can facilitate a paradigm shift in relation to water knowledge. Examples of capacity building programmes will be presented and discussed to share ongoing practices from different settings, to identify how water management principles are considered and how water education approaches are designed for different target groups and at various levels. The session aims to show how the recognition of an integrated approach to water management creates an opportunity for innovative education practices which facilitate multi-disciplinary views and entry points for various recipients. The expected outcome is the identification of specific ideas, methodologies, and programmes which can be scaled up, adapted, and replicated elsewhere.

Convening organisations
Cap-Net UNDP & IHE Delft

Damián Indij (LA-WETnet) & Carlos Lopez (IHE Delft)