29-31 May 2013, Delft, The Netherlands

CD Symposium
Developing Capacity from Rio to Reality: Who's Taking the Lead?

Opening Ceremony

Setting the Scene

Increasing water security has become an imperative for economic prosperity, environmental sustainability and social inclusion. Climate change, rising demands for water and increasing pollution of sources may lead to ever more insecure water resources, threatening sustainable economic development. These trends are aggravated by poor water resources management due to weak human, organisational and/or institutional capacity to address these threatening challenges. In the face of rising challenges for, and mixed experiences with, water sector capacity development, the primary aim of the 5th Delft Symposium is to address Who is taking the lead in knowledge and capacity development across sectors, disciplines and other boundaries so they can be leveraged to become more effective and efficient?

Setting the Scene

Guy Alaerts (IHE Delft)