29-31 May 2013, Delft, The Netherlands

CD Symposium
Developing Capacity from Rio to Reality: Who's Taking the Lead?

SDG Progress

IHE Delft hosted an Expert Meeting on Capacity Development and water-related Sustainable Development Goals.

On 6-7 February 2013, the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education convened an expert meeting on capacity development and water-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The meeting gathered 25 international experts and was held in order to contribute the institute's expertise in water sector capacity development to current formal and informal debates that are taking place in the course of formulating Sustainable Development Goals.

Water supply, sanitation and water resources are affected not only by climate change, rising demands for water and increasing pollution of sources but also by weak human, organisational and institutional capacity. Although of central importance to the sustainable attainment of water-related SDGs, capacity development is an issue that had not yet been included in the current debates.

The meeting focused on indicators for measuring progress with water-related capacity development. The outcomes of the February Expert Meeting will be made available shortly and will feed directly into the 5th Delft Symposium in May 2013 as well as the 2013 Budapest Water Summit, 9-11 October 2013 which will provide a forum to take stock of developments in and outside the UN system in preparing the water-related SDGs.

Please find the Summary Report here:

Summary report of IHE Delft Expert Meeting on CD & water-related SDGs