29-31 May 2013, Delft, The Netherlands

CD Symposium
Developing Capacity from Rio to Reality: Who's Taking the Lead?

Themes of Symposium

The 5th Delft Symposium is the international forum for water users, development practitioners, researchers, policy makers and capacity development specialists to discuss the challenges, current realities and new opportunities for knowledge and capacity development in the water sector.

The Symposium will cover the different levels that need to be addressed when dealing with capacity development: the knowledge and capacity of 1) individuals, 2) organisations, 3) sector(s) and 4) the enabling environment.

In order to address the main question Who is taking the lead in knowledge and capacity development across sectors, disciplines and other boundaries so it can be leveraged to become more effective and efficient?, the Symposium will focus on the following three themes:

  1. Challenges for water sector capacity development explores the challenges countries face as each strives for green growth and 'blue sustainability'. Responses are required ranging from policy to education to awareness raising in order to induce behavioural change. What needs to happen in terms of water sector capacity development? Who feels responsible and who is taking the lead?
  2. Landscape of experiences with capacity developmentexplores the current realities and practice of knowledge and capacity development in the water sector at the level of river basins, regions and nations. What is happening in water sector capacity development? Who is doing what and how?
  3. Innovation in water sector capacity developmentconsiders emerging responses. What innovative capacity development approaches are emerging? How do they help to better mobilize local knowledge? How can capacity development and innovation help overcome water challenges? What is required to reap these benefits?

Challenges for water sector capacity development

  • Post Rio+20: increasing and changing demands for knowledge and capacity development
  • Local knowledge and local ownership of capacity development: changing understanding, roles and relations
  • Preparedness of national authorities to face the challenges: current state of play of country approaches to strengthening the water sector
  • Fostering water leaders throughstandards for water leaders programmes

Landscape of experiences with capacity development

  • Assessment of capacity development progress in IWRM
  • Water operator partnerships (WOPs) as a vehicle for capacity development
  • Resources management and community-based initiatives: civil society, interest groups and politicians' role in capacity development
  • Conditions for reflection and learning: adaptive/learning organizations and institutions
  • Towards measurable and effective KCD: indicators, comprehensive approaches and impact assessment

Innovation in water sector capacity development

  • Regional and country level networks and partnerships for capacity development
  • The role of the private sector in capacity development
  • South-South learning and triangular cooperation
  • Measuring and monitoring the effectiveness of capacity development
  • Fostering the adoption and adaptation of innovative solutions for water challenges (e.g. through the European Innovation Platform on Water)
  • The dynamics of capacity development in water sector innovation systems
  • ICTs for learning, competence building and mobilising local knowledge